Aliona knows and feels trends, understands what awaits us tomorrow and who will rock with her.
Aliona knows and feels trends, understands what awaits us tomorrow and who will rock with her.
Aliona Doletskaya
x Avgvst Jewelry
Capsule collection of one of the most fashionable and minimalistic Russian jewelry brands Avgvst.
The Alma collection includes jewelry for gentlewoman, young women who feel at ease in a white shirt and 'masculine' boots.
Antique shapes came together with modern details in the jewelry from the Alma collection.

The lineup includes rings, earrings, and pendants made of white gold, silver, rock crystal, and diamonds.

The collection was named Alma, and then Alma 1 was born. It is an hommage to the work of Alma Pihl, the first and only female jeweler who worked for Carl Faberge.
Moreover, rock crystal is a difficult material to work with - craftmanship and many hours of work are behind the seeming simplicity of forms.

The collection is a success and has been made to order for the last three years.

Aliona Doletskaya
x monochrome
Aliona Doletskaya is the face of fashion brand Monochrome .и She participated in the filming for an advertising campaign and supports the brand on social networks.
One of Aliona's favorite wardrobe items is the premium Hoodie KARMA, first introduced in early 2019 and released as a limited edition. The KARMA color is one of the most iconic in the palette.
Aliona Doletskaya
x KitchenAid
Long-term cooperation with premium household appliances brand KitchenAid.
Aliona has formed a loyal brand audience.
She developed a creative project to integrate the brand into her bestselling book '50 breakfasts with Aliona Doletskaya'.

Arranged support for the brand representation on social networks.
Participated in a creative photo session.
Integrated the brand into the book presentation to the media and influencers.

Aliona Doletskaya
x Arne
Aliona Doletskaya became the face of the advertising campaign for Arne capsule collection with the jeweler Alexey Barsukov. The advertising campaign was shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh.
Ten items of the capsule collection, each of them made only in two copies, is a reimagining of the motives of ancient jewelry and Russian decorative and applied art.

Aliona Doletskaya
x Chamotte bakery for Dacha store
Creative collaboration of Alena Doletskaya and the ceramic workshop Chamotte bakery.
Limited collection, handmade - laconic and speaking. Ideal for table setting.
Aliona Doletskaya
x Storytel
Aliona Doletskaya is an audiobook narrator for the Storytel platform
'Pure Monday'. By Ivan Bunin
'City of Girls'. By Elizabeth Gilbert
'Not Life, But A Fairy Tale'. By Aliona Doletskaya
'Love Reciprocity'. By Aliona Doletskaya
'Heat. Poems'. By Maria Golovanievskaya
'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'. By Robert Louis Stevenson
'The Midnight Library'. By Matt Haig
Roles in films


Director Boris Khlebnikov

What do men and women really talk about? The film is based on real stories overheard in one of the more expensive restaurants in Moscow. One crazy day in the life of the venue spins around famous artists, leisurely businessmen, Rublyovka mistresses, and silver-spoon-in-the-mouth youngsters. A series of episodes are connected by the story of two waiters. Both of them are hopelessly in love: one with his wife, the other with a stranger. And true love is born in the kitchen...


Director Kirill Serebrennikov

Short story Potseluy krevetki (anthology film Korotkoe Zamykanie) is a story about a guy in a shrimp suit who works as a restaurant promoter. He shares his love for seafood with passers-by, but they are not at all thrilled with his unusual methods.

Until The Night Separates Us
Shrimp Kiss
Aliona Doletskaya
In 2019, Aliona Doletskaya put up a sale of 170 garments and accessories from her own wardrobe, collected over the past 20 years, on the LOTS platform.
All proceeds from the sale of all things Chanel, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others, are going to charity: в the Vera Foundation helping hospices and the Husky_help fund to help homeless northern sled dogs.
Aliona Doletskaya
x Uniqlo
In August 2020, Japan's largest brand UNIQLO launched international campaign 'What will you wear for tomorrow?'

Russia was the first of 15 countries to start, and Alena Doletskaya became the protagonist of the project about the life and clothing of the future.
Aliona Doletskaya
x The Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Curator of 'Salvador Dali and Media' exhibition (2014).
Curator of the Media hall of '99/19' exhibition (2019).

Aliona Doletskaya
x Dacha store
In 2016 Aliona Doletskaya was invited as creative curator to the Podium Market division - Podium Dom.
For this project Doletskaya, together with the team, created DachaStore, where she launched a series of exclusive items in collaboration with manufacturers:
Imperial Porcelain Factory, Dymov Ceramics, Chamotte bakery, Ruban.

TV Rain, Garage
In 2010, Aliona Doletskaya became the voice of TV Rain channel. In 2017, The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invited Aliona Doletskaya to become the voice of the Garage cinema.
In 2019 Aliona Doletskaya became moderator and host of the closed international conference Yandex Y42.